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The purpose of this site is to provide information about Shared Living and to connect individuals with a need to providers who have a home to share.

Shared Living is a service option that matches a person with a developmental disability to a Shared Living Provider. Providers may be families, couples or individuals. The compatibility between the supported individual and the provider is key to the success of Shared Living.

Providers offer needed support to the person placed in their home and in return receive a stipend, companionship, and agency support.

This site has been created by three organizations that provide shared living services: HMEA, Nonotuck and Alternatives. Our Placement Specialists have been working together for years to develop lasting relationship between the individual receiving support and the provider who shares their home. This site strengthens our communication and the match making process.

If you are interested in becoming a Provider, see the Providers section here. Or if you are interested in learning more about Shared Living in general, please click here.

A Working Tool for Placement Specialists

A Working Tool for Placement Specialists

Search for Available Providers

If you are a Placement Specialist, you can use this site to search for Providers or enter information on your own Providers. You should have already received a user name and password in order to use the system. If not, you can request one here.

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Apply to Become an Approved Provider

Become an Approved Provider

What a Provider Should Expect

The commitment and responsibilities of a Shared Living Provider are significant and should be considered with the full knowledge of the task you are taking on. We have put together a list of qualifications and information on becoming a provider here.

Become a Provider

If you’ve read the information on the Provider pages and feel confident of your ability to take on the role of Provider, please fill out this brief qualifying form here and someone will be in touch with you for a preliminary phone conversation. And thanks for your interest!

Learn More About Shared Living

About Shared Living

Explanation of Shared Living

Shared Living is a residential program that matches a person with a developmental disability to a Shared Living Provider. The supported person typically lives in the home of the Shared Living Provider. Click here for a full explanation and FAQ on Shared Living.

What to Look for In a Provider

Selecting and evaluating a potential good fit for you or your loved ones can be a complicated task.
Here are some of the key questions you ask when you are introduced to a Provider to see if the fit is likely a good one.